Why your dog hates your boyfriend or girlfriend

Unlike humans dogs are unlikely to actually hate anyone. Their primary rules of existence do not include being judgemental in this fashion. What they do include however, is having a pack mentality which means that they expect to define everyone as having a place in their canine ranking system.

When living in the wild dogs figure out each members position in the pack. The highest ranking dog gets all of the best choices when it comes to the selection of food, while the lower ranking dogs get whats left. Dogs who are pets still have this instinct with in their makeup.

When you introduce your pet dog to your boyfriend or girlfriend what will be on your dogs mind will be about finding out what level in the pack this new person is to be, and whether this is going to affect their own ranking. This is especially so if your new partner is recognised by your dog as becoming a permanent pack member.

Just as in the wild, your dog will expect to struggle to keep their position if they feel that it is a noteworthy one. If however, they see themselves as the under dog, or lowest ranking dog, then there will be little trouble and they will be more likely to accept a new person on to the scene.

The most difficult of situations, when your boyfriend or girlfriend enters your world, is where your dog sees themselves as being the top dog. This can be because of the dogs breeding as some dogs are just made this way, or it can be because you have let your dog assume this position in rank.

If your dogs dominance is most likely because of their breeding, or previous training which has made them protective of you, then proceed with caution. You may need to restrain your dog, or remove them from the room when you bring a new boyfriend or girlfriend home. Then you can gradually introduce them over time if it looks like your partner and you are serious about establishing a relationship.

Whichever the reason is for your dog to show a negative attitude toward your partner they will benefit from you taking charge and making clear that it is you, who are the leader.

You can do this by having clear rules that your dog and you adhere to without faltering. To make it plain that you are the leader you should eat before your dog and never feed him or her from your plate. If you give them scraps from your dinner then they should be given them in their own bowl after you have finished eating and not before.

Demonstrate to your dog that not only are you in the top ranking position but your partner is above them too. You can do this by allowing your partner to sit on the furniture with you while your dog must remain on the ground. Showing your furry pal that you reserve certain privileges for your boyfriend or girlfriend and not them will let them understand that they are not to compete, either for position or your affection.

Doing this will not upset your dog. It will help them to understand what they are supposed to be doing and will relieve the pressure of being anxious about assuming a position that you don’t want them to have anyway.

You can also help your dog and your partner to get along by letting your partner issue commands that are simple to your dog, such as sit, or stay. Then get your partner to reward your dog with a tasty treat. This way, your dog will begin to associate him or her with the happiness of receiving the treats.

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