Why you shouldnt give your cat vegetarian food

The percentage of people who are becoming vegetarian and vegan has increased rapidly over the years and has become very popular in certain areas. It has now begun to be very trendy to change your pet’s diets as well. Being a vegetarian does not always mean your animals can be vegetarians also. Certain animals, specifically cats are considered complete carnivores and will become very unhealthy without the proper nutrition in the meat they consume. Unlike dogs who are omnivores, cats do not have the proper enzymes to eat most vegetables and fruits and may become sick.

Now from a friend I have heard many trendy-seeking people, wanting to feed their animals vegetarian diets, have come in to his pet food store asking about vegetarian diets for their cats. He informs these people that having a cat on such a diet is highly dangerous and unhealthy for their cats. Not everyone who he tells believes him even though it is very true. Hopefully through this article many more will not think about feeding their cats anything other than a good healthy diet containing meat. Not every pet food store employee knows whats best for your animals or can give you good advice like my friend.

I doubt any major pet food store do carry vegetarian diets for cats being that it is not safe for the cats. But one never knows what some companies will do to gain money from people who want a product. Many companies do cater to what their customers ask for or what they think will sell with out regard to the pet’s actual health. Hopefully there is no vegetarian cat food diets out there and if you happen to find one please do not buy it for your cat.

So please do not try to feed your cat a vegetarian diet, it may be the right choice of diet for you but not for your cat. If your squemish about feeding your pet food with meat in it for any reason a cat would not be a good choice of a pet for you. Try getting a pet that is a herbivore. Remember the fact your cat is a true carnivore if you do ever find a “vegetarian cat food diet” out there, and pass it by for the cat food diets consisting of meat that your cat has always liked.

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