Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 6

I am a ‘cat person’ but you would not find me trying to defend the cat as being more loyal or even as loyal as a dog. You may choose a cat, but if your cat is not happy with you they will certainly not choose you!

There are many tv shows with a dog as the character who saves the day, off the top of my head Lassie. If you fell down a well lassie would somehow be able to get your help, because the dog is loyal to its owner and cares deeply about your wellbeing and security.

The cat will not always come running when she is called and neither will she stay where you ask her to. She is independent, were she to find you dead having fallen down the stairs, she’d probably eat you. Not that she does not love you, or know where her food comes from but she is a survival expert. Were the dog to find you dead at the bottom of the stairs he would howl into the night until someone came to take you away.

You couldn’t take a cat for a walk, and indeed if you could, should you let her off the lead she would run and find her way back home – that is if she doesn’t discover a house with her more preferred brand of cat food and make that her new home. The trained dog will stick at your heel and when you throw a ball for him to chase, he will always bring it back for more. The cat will not bring your ball back.

The dog will defend your home, or at least bark loud enough to wake you up should their be an intruder. The cat knows what’s best for her and will hide away somewhere high.

The dog will greet you on your arrival with gusto, but the cat is indifferent, that is unless its teatime.

The dog will make you aware there is someone at the front door. The cat will hide herself away in disgust.

The dog is always concerned about any creature that comes into his territory, the cat is only concerned about other cats.

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