Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 5

Firstly I must say that although I have had a few dogs over the years I have never actually shared my home with a cat. However I have visited friends and relatives who have had cats and so feel well able to express my opinion.

Cats on the whole seem to be quite independent creatures. I am not so sure whether they live with you, or you with them. They are lovely creatures but full of haughtiness and well able to survive for a little while without you. In fact a resourceful cat may eat at many homes, all of whom think that they own the cat.

Dogs by nature are pack animals and as such the pack usually has a leader. When a dog moves in with you usually you become the leader. If you do not, and the dog rules the home, you may be in trouble. A dog that rules the roost can be destructive, unruly and dangerous, so obviously taking on the role of leader is important with your dog.

When you become the leader the dog looks to you for all sorts of guidance. A dog will rely on you to provide food, exercise, grooming and much more. Let’s face it most cats, especially if they have a cat flap in the door, will pop in and out at will, groom themselves and at a pinch find food. Cats are tougher more nimble creatures and in some ways this makes them more resilient than dogs. Domestic dogs look to their owners for play and for permission much of the day. In this unique relationships dogs seem to develop a firm bond with their owners. Sadly dogs are often so loyal to their owners, that it includes those that are cruel.

Overall I guess it is simply because a trained dog knows their place. They know who provides for them and they want to protect that source of comfort and sustenance. It is nicer I know to think that the love we feel for our pets is mutual but I think it is just that a good owner is seen as the all powerful one and so loyalty goes without saying. Cats may use you but they know that if the worst happens they will move on and survive easily.

However it could just be that dogs are mans best friend after all.

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