Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 4

The reason dogs are more loyal then cats is because they were born with the genetic make-up to be so. Yes, they are both wonderful pets; owners of both claims theirs to be the best. Yet, when it comes to forming a relationship outside of just companionship, dogs win hands down.

When was the last time you read a newspaper article involving a cat rescuing a family member from a fire? How about a cat meowing madly to warn off strangers? Seeing eye cats? Not in our world. Dogs are trainable and have the capacity to not only be loyal, but feel it.

Police officers are able to train dogs to be so loyal to command that they can be taught to turn on their own master if told to do so. That’s not to say they are a breed of betrayal, it means that they understand what we teach them; and they are able to learn. Cats normally do things out of instinct; they’re either born with instincts that direct their behavior or they chose their own. Dogs can be taught to behave how we want them too.

I’ve never seen cats used for fighting, and that’s just one of the ways in which we violate dogs capacity to learn. Dogs are at the end of the specie chain of wolves. They have evolved from a wild animal to a domestic pet, capable of loving, playing and feeling for us the same way we do for them. Is it any wonder why dogs lovers and the public at large are so angry when people use them for monetary gain either by parading them around at dog shows or training them to be aggressive, fighting killers? That is not what a dog is for.

Even when we speak of the perfect family unit, this precious animal is part of the equation. Everyone’s dream is a house, two kids and a dog. Man’s best friend was never mentioned as being a cat. Cat’s can live with you, but they can’t live like you.

Dogs need humans more then cats do. Cats are self-sufficient. They can be given a litter box, a fuzzy bed, a bowl of food and water, and we’re not worried about leaving them home alone for a 2-day family weekend. This is easily confirmed by just opening your telephone book and trying to find a cat kennel. They don’t exist because they are not needed.

Dogs need us as much as we need them. We wouldn’t think of walking away from our dogs for a week; they need us to make sure they’re cared for when we’re gone. They have needs that they cannot satisfy on their own.

Our needs are to have them in our life. This is proved by many organizations that show us that dogs have more then the purpose of just being a domestic pet. They are highly regarded as “one of us” in the Law enforcement field, they help organizations for the blind give those without sight a way of seeing again, and they have been proved to help the ill or homebound feel better, if only for a moment. They can give us back exactly what they give them without judgment, and that’s what makes them all the more important to us.

All animals are wonderful. Dogs, however, have the ability to know that we as owners are wonderful too. Many a story has been told about a dog who perished for no reason when his own mastered died. If that doesn’t show the capability to feel, then I don’t know what does.

That’s what makes them so much more loyal; a heart similar to ours, and ready and willing to fill it with us.

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