Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 3

Dogs are best human friend ,among pets dogs are much more reliable,dependable, protective, loyal, family friendly,above all trustworthy.cats are also very close to human being,but apart from keeping man company, cat is not so close to man as dog. Especially in the area of security,man can go sleep confidently,because his LABRADORS, or ALSATIANS,are on patrol, but that can not be said of cats.dogs have been associated with heroics, DOGS are loyal unconditionally to their owners.WHY? simply because dogs and man have some kind of chemistry that blended.DOGS-can almost feel like man does. it is easier to teach,train a dog than a cat.dog is useful to man in so many ways,as a ..guide, security,hunting,entertainment ,.in-fact decade of friendship between dog and man explains the closeness,and therefore the loyalty. for example; a man in the process of doing work in his compound fell into t a ditch so deep ,wounded, he can not come out ,he cannot shout,because of the wound, but his ROTS-WELLER,woke up everybody making noise, standing by the spot until the owner was rescued, a true life story, what a loyalty,a sense of responsibility.

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