Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 2

Dog has some special characteristics and instincts useful and likable to mankind. Clearly they feel secure in the company of human beings. The fact that the two fundamental needs for survival are provided by the man to them, dogs feel confident and return security to men by utilizing its senses and perceptions. Animals need to make use of their senses mostly to earn their food. We are aware that dog coming from wolf family somehow developed more proximity to mankind by virtue of which they earned his trust. This is the most familiar and guessable fact. Dogs also have the habit of eating bones and other left over material. This helps in filling its bigger stomach. When there is no need to hunt for the food, dogs would not hunt. The saved energies and capabilities, although reduced, can be utilized. Dog must be taking this opportunity to remain faithful to men.

Cats do not lose the habit of hunting. Due to this they can not confine to one place and keep moving to find its prey. Due to this reason they need not totally depend on human beings. Cat being a smaller animal and having napping habits can not stay at the same place for long. Cats are also equipped just to hunt its smaller prey and defend itself from the animals of similar size. Confronting a little bigger animal for instance dog, the cat has to take a run. Cats need to be alert, particularly when they litter. They have to save the young kitten and also have to fetch feed to Kitten. It can not afford to stay in the shelter provided by the people. Cat can not be a real threat to human beings. It can not create scare among other animals by its meek meow sounds. So it has to beat retreat quite too often. With these qualities it can not be aggressive and always has to find its own hiding or resting place. Cats depend for food and shelter on human beings but it is difficult for them to rely on us for safety. So it has always to be on its own look out for safety.

Dogs are known to be coming back with objects thrown away or misplaced. Family Retriever among them is known for this act and is named after that quality. I observed that dogs identify their territory quickly and safeguard that area. Hey also try to increase the extent. When an object is brought into its territory it trusts that it should not leave the place without its knowledge. It resists the strangers from taking off the objects from its premises. From the day it arrives in a house it starts identifying the master of the house. Giving its best effort it always guards his master.

Let me recall a few incidents I know of or I heard. In a TV program I watched the incident of a pet dog of John Newcomb, the famous tennis player from Australia. John was in US receiving an award. The night before he actually received the award, his pet appeared in his dreams repeatedly. It died before he went back home. We all know how sniffing dogs help police. These qualities are not heard of a cat family.

I think due to compulsion cat can not pay its total attention on people. Its jumping and climbing nature does not accept a master. True that cat can be domesticated. Cat can recognize individuals but I think, for its mind, people are all same. I feel this is the reason for a cat not to mark its master to whom it can be faithful. Still cat is quite an interest pet to keep for its other good qualities. It has other potential to amuse people.

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