Why dogs are more loyal than cats – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why dogs are more loyal than cats? While dogs seem to want to spend every waking moment with us cats prefer to be with us when they have nothing better to do or just fancy some attention, and there are good reasons for these differences between our furry friends.

Dogs are essentially pack animals. They like to work as a team. When they are pets rather than living in the wild we are part of their pack. For this reason they stick with us and are faithful in the same way that they would be to their dog pack in the wild, seeing us as a major part of their world and reason for being.

All members of the pack have their own rank or position. Hopefully, we are the ‘top dogs’ so to speak in relation to our pet. Trouble usually follows if we are not and they try to assume leadership.

Cats are far more independent and although I have seen them in groups when feral they can survive perfectly well when alone. I don’t believe that they see us in quite the same way that dogs do. They like us to feed them and fuss them but do not rely on us so much.

I have known of cats who move from household to household because they like to see if something better is on offer elsewhere. My aunts cat went missing once so we scoured the neighborhood clutching a photograph of him, only to find that her cat also lived with at least three other people! A dog would rarely behave in such a way. Once they have found a friendly owner they tend to stick by their side, rather than constantly keeping an eye open to spot if a better deal comes along.

We also tend to develop a routine with our pet dogs. They often go to certain places with us at a certain time. We are their main social outlet, as well as their only route to food and care. Cats can go out hunting and socializing by themselves and don’t need us so much.

Both dogs and cats often forge real bonds with their human friends that go beyond their needs and wants, but it is dogs that seem to show us the most care back in return for our efforts.

It may also be true to say that dogs seem to genuinely like us. They definitely appear to be joyful to see us and to spend time with us and are happy to learn ways of pleasing us and helping us.

Ask a cat to sniff out drugs at an airport, lead a poorly sighted person safely over a busy road or return a ball that’s been thrown and you will probably be sorely disappointed. Ask a dog though, and you will undoubtedly be in luck.

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