Why do dogs chase their tails?

Why do dogs chase their tails is quite an interesting question. Considering the psychology behind dogs chasing their tails it could be something to do with their thrill of chasing anything and everything in their vicinity.

Dogs are born hunters irrespective of their size, breed, and pedigree they love to chase. So it is very common for them to chase their tails as they don’t realise that this particular thing is a part of their body. As for why do they chase it, well there could be other reasons.

Reasons like they might be disturbed by some housefly or they feel an itching and while trying to comfort themselves dogs end up chasing their tails and in turn going round and round in circles.

People who have dogs as pets must have experienced this tail chasing behaviour. At times they are lying down peacefully enjoying the quite nap when suddenly they will get up and start chasing their tails. It’s at that time when I thought about it and came up with few expert answers well not exactly expert answers but answers nonetheless.

Dogs I feel can not sit quietly for too long and since they feel that owners are either too busy or too lazy to entertain them 24*7 they chase their tails in order to entertain themselves. They might also start chasing their tails when they want to attract your attention. Because if your dog is lying peacefully you will not take notice of it and the pet dogs thrive on attention and that is why they wag their tails when they see their owners (that could be a different topic altogether why do dogs wag their tail even while barking interesting thought).

And I should be knowing this because well I practically grew up with dogs (what with my dogs lover dad) and then when I got married I became acquainted with a German shepherd most intelligent breed or so they say. While back at my mom’s place we always had Pomerians for their soft cuddly appearance I was amazed to see the similar habits in a big dog like German shepherd. And when such a huge dog start chasing their equally huge tail you tend to wonder whether something is troubling her or is she merely playing with her tail.

I once tried to hold its tail when it was sitting and the moment I held its tail it jumped and started chasing its tail as if trying to get rid of some foreign object from its precious part of body.

So next time you see your doggie chasing its tail call him and take him or her for a long walk and some rigorous exercising and you will see how excited your four-legged friend will be and how proudly with love in his/her eyes he or she will walk by your side for his or her walk.

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