Why cats purr and what they are saying when they meow – Part 2

What is your kitty cat saying to you when he or she purrs? That wonderful, healing purr of a cat has been a mystery; until now. We know that the kitty purrs when it is happy. It purrs when it wants to tell us that it loves us. It purrs when it is telling another kitty that they can be friends; she doesn’t want to fight.

An amazing fact is that mom-kitties also purr during birth, and when it is time for her kittens to feed-because kittens are born blind and deaf! The purring of the mother cat directs the tiny kittens to the source of food!

Because the healing purr of a cat is so wonderful, they are often used in hospitals to help patients to heal faster, and reduce stress.

Have you ever purred back to your cat? Surprisingly; it is a common response to the love shown to us by our purring, loving furballs.

When your kitty meows, he or she could be telling you many things. They train us to respond to certain meows, just like our babies train us to respond to certain cries. Our ongoing relationship with our beloved, furry friends develop a special language between us that we can both understand.

We learn that sometimes when kitty meows, it means “I’m hungry!” Sometimes, it means “Help me! I’m in trouble again!” It can also mean “Would you please open the door and let me outside so I can get some sun?”

But our favorite meaning of our little one’s meow is: “I love you! Hold me! Love me! I’m right here in front of you-just waiting!”

Love is the universal language between cat and owner. Just as we humans, no two cats are alike. If you are fortunate enough to have been trained by-and loved by-a cat; then count yourself blessed.

Your life has been enriched by a very special kind of love, companionship and dedication.

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