Why cats purr and what they are saying when they meow

Cat’s are independent animals, but they will let you know when they are happy, sad, feeling old or playful. Purring is a way that will allow the cat to show and identify with their owner the love and bond shared between them. Scratching that right spot or just getting attention earns the owner the satisfaction that they are gaining trust with their pet cat. Some cats like to be rubbed on their bellies giving a nice purr which also shows that the cat trusts that person in rubbing there underside. The underside is considered a very vulnerable spot for all animals along with the cats paws for when you have to cut their nails. If you cut their nails the wrong way they will yelp and pull away and might not let you do that again for some time. Trust goes a long way with animals especially cats!

Some cats like to talk, whether to thin air or to a person. They will usually lead their owner or anyone they trust to what it is they want, so if they are hungry or need fresh water they will show you by moving to their dish. Cats hissing at you means they aren’t happy with you and you will need to give them time to get over it. Example, accidentally stepping on their tail. Owners will complain that it was the cats fault for being right behind them when it happened but that doesn’t help when it is the cat that is in some pain. Ask nicely for your kitty to come to you so you might repair your bond by petting them and saying you’re sorry. If they don’t want to right then and there, you can’t force them, they won’t get any happier. Wait for them to come to you and even if it is a day later, say you’re sorry and comfort them. They won’t remember what happened but you will and it will make you both feel great comforting each other! When cats play they might talk to each other saying “Hey cut it out, I don’t like this”. They are just playing but being a little rough. Usually those particular meows will tell the other cat to stop so they lighten up or back off a little for the other cat to get up and brush themselves off so they might continue playing.

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