Why cats are difficult to train – Part 9

Cats are difficult to train because they are too busy training us, their staff. Cat people are quite aware of the fact that they are owned by cats, not the other way around.

I have five cats. Each of them has their own personal quirks and I know them all. Because I am trained.

I do not like cats on counters or tables. I wanted to train them not to go there. Tools I utilized in this endeavor were spray bottles filled with water, a good strong NO from my diaphragm, and treats. I did it; I trained them not to go there. I was the master. I was in charge. I left for work one morning, and decided to peek in through the side window. Yes indeed, there were three cats sprawled across the table and two on the counters. I left for work defeated, because I realized that they are there more than me. They never leave and it is truly their home. I make it safe for them. I had been trained, not them. They were only toying with me, pleasing me because it seemed important to me, what with the- from- the -diaphragm NO and all.

Cats are intelligent. Cats are descended from royalty. Cats are beloved and they know this. It is in their genetic make up.

If your car stops using the litter boxdo you retrain him or her? No, we are trained to take the animal to the vet to see if there is an underlining medical reason (as we shouldwe’re good staff).

Do we change litter is needed? Yes.

Do cats eat what we want them to eat? How many of you had to try a variety of foods before you discovered one your cat enjoys? Trained staff- indeed.

Do we leave carriers out to get them used to going in one if they DETEST going to the vet or anywhere in a carrier? Yes, we have trained them well, have we not? We taught them to go into the carrier. Uh, huh.

Did you teach you cat not to scratch the furniture or did you just happen to purchase or build a scratching post he or she preferred better, with the sisal ropes cats LOVE?

Face it, they know they do not need to be trained, because we are so highly trainable to them.

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