Why cats are difficult to train – Part 6

I found it interesting to read all the various articles about how hard it is to train cats…..to do stuff like dogs. If you want an animal that does “dog tricks” get a dog! I love both cats, and dogs, for their differences. Ironically enough, although I never trained them, my cats don’t need to be squirted with water, they respond to “No” “Stop” and “Get down” and they like to play “fetch” just like dogs. If I’m eating they will not try to take food off my plate, they sit, and wait til I give them some. What all well-behaved animal have in common is a need for love, reassurance, boundaries, and consistent rules. You have to be tough (on yourself) and stick with the rules you’ve decided on. You can’t say “No getting on the sofa” for a week, a month, whatever, then one night when you’re too tired to argue, let them on the sofa. The message you send is “it’s OK sometimes” Now they are going to keep trying, to find out when it’s acceptable, and both you, and they are going to spend time being confused, and angry, instead of just enjoying each others company.

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