Why cats are difficult to train – Part 4

I can tell you from my experience that you should start training cats as soon as possible, prefferably when they are still toddlers. I am not talking here about proffesional training of course but about teaching them basic things like going into a cuvet. Kittens and other animals, like people, assimilate knowledge the best when they are very young.

The thing we should bear in mind when we are deciding on buying/taking a cat is that a cat is not a living equivalent of an mascot. They are not always willing to stroke and play, they do everything in their own way. They are individuals. When coexisting with them we should be prepared for not an always easy relationship. How we will getting on with them depends solely on our attitude. We shall not restrict our cat’s freedom and let it go out whenever it wants, we shall not destract its sleeping because we want to stroke it. Especially kids have to be very careful because cats, when angry, tend to scrape, sometimes really painfully.

To sum up, having a cat is not about training him. It is possible to do it though but we should not expect enormous results. Living with a cat is about having a great companion that as long as I can say are far more clever than dogs, very understandable and clean. If you are not impotunate when it’s cat’s nap time or when it’s washing itself or it’s just not in the best mood, which happens as well, if you respect the cat and treat it more like your friend rather than a pet, you will end up with a great reward in form of a long-term friendship.

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