Why cats are difficult to train – Part 27

well, we all know that its said that cats are impossible to train. well, i will have to disagree. I Have grown up all around cats, and i have had many come and go. my mom and i always have to get mad at them for what they do. we always catch them scratching or doing anything else that they do, and all we do is say no. but it is repeatedly said to them. after a week or two, they seem to stop at it, so we move to the next thing. jumping on the kitchen table. we always take them and hold them to the table and then say no more than once. they finally get the hint, so it seems to work for me and my parents. when we do this, the cats seem to stop. so when they say that you cant train a cat, don’t listen to them. if you keep to it and you try and try, your pets will learn to do what you train them to do. we have kept this up for years and years, and it hasn’t failed us not once. for you out there with the trouble of pet problems, keep to it and you will have success in the end. and it is even the same with your dogs, people, animals are very smart and if you tell them to do something, they will listen. dogs are the first to listen, because they strive on your companionship, and don’t want you mad at them for the simple things that they do. all together, keep to it, people.

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