Why cats are difficult to train – Part 24

If you do not know this yet, it is time you did! Cats CAN be trained, BUT, to their advantage and not to yours. I have had cats and still have cats all throughout my life. I have somehow managed to teach them when to get off the table by just calling their name and giving them a stare, and say the words “come” or “come here” to have them running to me whether there is food or not.

There is one thing I have never ever managed to do and that would be tricks! Cats might be able to learn tricks, but so far, I cannot vouch for that, through my experience. As far as a cat is concerned, you work for them, so if you are a cat owner, you should know that you are certainly not regarded as the master, and you shouldn’t probably look at yourself as a master!

My cats have learned how to “come” because of my manipulation tactics and as expected, food, during the younger months is almost always involved. As for jumping off the table, my cats are never threatened by a beating or anything, but they seem to know that being on the table is wrong and when they hear a change in the tone of my voice, and I look at them the way they look at their prey when they go hunting outside the garden, they just know! Cats are extremely intelligent and extremely cunning animals… I adore cats and I know they do not like to be told what to do. If you are looking for a pet to play dead for you when you want to, fetch the paper, jump up and catch a Frisbee, you might want to look for a dog, because a cat will not ever play dead unless it’s asleep on your couch, fetch the paper if it’s going to read it, and catch a Frisbee it it’s a big slab of meat!

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