Why cats are difficult to train – Part 23

Cats are trainable, but not in the same way that dogs are. Teaching a cat to perform amusing little tricks is possible, however doing so is generally ill-received by the felines. Cats are exceptionally independent. Rather than looking to please their owners they seek attention. Their behavior reflects this attitude.

Behavior can be much more easily tempered in a cat than anything else. Litter box use (or non-use) is a prime example of this. Punishing a cat in response to unappreciated behavior rarely works. Yuri Kuklachev, world-renowned Russian cat trainer, has made a living by observing cats natural behavior and personalities, then adapting certain tricks or skills to match the feline’s natural abilities.

Cats learn best through reward, praise, and reinforcement. However, it is far better to alter the cat’s learning environment than it is to try to change the cat’s behavior. A cat cannot be forced into doing something.

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