Why cats are difficult to train – Part 22

It’s a peculiar owner who mistakes cat for dog.

Like the Tao, the soft villain retreats when pushed, rushes when pulled. You can convince a cat, and in your more pathetic moments you can reason with a cat, and the schemes and tricks that lie between innocent cajolery and blunt force may drive a cat in the right direction three times out of five. But you can never train a cat.

Once you realize this, of course, you can translate the Rosetta stone that crowds out your cat’s apricot-sized brain. He is yours once you realize he is not. Admit that you can’t train your feline friend, and a whole range of options appear.

It comes down to intersecting needs, overlapping wants. The keys I jangle loudly at the top of the stairs send his white-tipped legs into motion, carrying him swiftly into my bedroom – just in time for me to shut the door and head off to work, secure in his sequestration.

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