Why cats are difficult to train – Part 10

Older cats are difficult to train.Kittens can easily be trained.But training requires,commitment,patience and time.

Cats will not become friendly with humans as easier as dogs.Another problem is scratching even the very own owners.Cats have the problem of distinguishing owners and hurts the people of the house.Example:When a cat is stamped unknowingly,most likely it will scratch you .Where as dogs can easily identify the owners.This is the main problem.

Cats take longer time to adjust with the new house and environment.Older cats can especially be very difficult.Younger ones can still easily adjust.Cats can easily go and encroach neigbours lawn.Training to remain indoors alone is difficult.Poop and vomit are other problems .Cats will easily go and sit on doormats and can dirty it.Again they will use the claws to scratch the cushions and soft surfaces.Cat fur dropping of older cats is also diificult.Training all thesein the way we want them to be is very difficult.

So older cats are diffficult to be trained.

Train your cats young.Then cats can easily be trained.

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