Why cats are difficult to train – Part 1

You cannot train cats. You only think you can. In the forty years I have had cats in my house. I have never been able to train a cat. And, have have had many of them. As a matter of fact I have a ninth generation cat right know. Each one of my cats has been an individual. Sure, they do things like jumping up on your lap, come to you when you whistle and so on. And what do they get? Love, pet, hugged and food or treats. You can get a Dog, to fetch the paper, chase a stick, jump through hoops and even get your slippers. Try that with a Cat. No, cats will only do things they want to do. Dogs are basically dumb. They’ll do anything to please their masters. Cats have NO masters.

Try training a cat, using treats. He or she might do the trick you ask for. Or, maybe not. In the end, you always give the cat the treat, don’t you. If you don’t, the cat knows you just want it to perform. And the next, they just ignore you. A Dog, well you can fake them out ten or twenty times before they finally get it.

If you try to train a cat to do something that you want them to do. Using treats, rewards or intimidation. You really don’t love your cat. And, the cat will feel it. Cats are independent, they rule their world.

Just remember, cats do what they want to do. If you want to reward them fine, if not, they don’t care. If you love them, you’ll reward them anyway. and, they know it. Dogs you can be train. Because, their basically stupid. CATS, train you.

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