Why cats are difficult to train

Cats can be difficult to train because unlike dogs they can be totally independent without the need for humans. The first basic step to training a cat is to make sure they know they will be cared for all the time.

I have two cats one is a Pixie Bob and the other is his daughter. Pixie Bobs are half bobcat and half large tabby. They weigh in at about 25 pounds and are very large, not fat. In order to train these cats I had to begin as soon as I got them home and had to be consistent in my training. Cats understand very clearly what you are telling them but because of their Independence they just look around as if ignoring you and what you are saying. Believe me they know what you want, when you want it and will do what they are told if you are consistent in their training. They don’t need treats to get them to do things what they need is to be told they are good and love them every time they do something you want them to do. My cats walk on a leash, will sit on the porch if I tell them not to go anywhere else, act as watch cats and protect my house when I am away, from intruders. (One intruder received 47 stitches on his face because he broke into my house and my Pixie Bob was asleep on the back of the chair inside the front door. When the guy heard a low growl he turned around and got swiped). Good kitty! The police agreed.

1. Don’t treat cats like they are stupid, they aren’t.

2. Always use the same method of discipline when needed and don’t let up.

3. Cats don’t need to be beat, one little smack on the end of the nose does the trick.

4. Voice and word commands are very efficient ways to teach cats.

5. Sit, lay down, slow down, walk, no are very easy words for your cats to understand.

6. Complements such as good boy/girl and a loving rub or pat are great rewards.

7. Sometimes using a stern voice can accomplish what you want.

The best way to train a cat is to be consistent and don’t drop the ball. If you do they won’t ever listen to you and then you will be complaining that your cat is not trainable. Remember when training any pet physical contact is very important and is probably the only real way they understand your love. Don’t be afraid to rub your face against theirs (unless you have an allergy or something) they love it and giving them kisses will eventually teach them to kiss back and actually stick their head out to be kissed.

Yes, my cats are part of the family and they are loved just like kids. They are special when we have company, are introduced and then they leave the room. Gosh, come to think of it I think it was easier to train the cats than it was my own children.

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