Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 91

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pet. It was either a dog, a cat, bird, fish and even the occasional rabbit. I loved all of them. But I chose a cat as a better pet, why? Because some of my earliest memories involved a cat. I learned to read and understand English with a storybook about farm cats. The vacant lot beside my home is a frequent hang-out of cats and I managed to befriend quite a lot of them and one of them deigned to be my house cat. He (I didn’t know how to tell a male from a female then, so I assumed at first that he was a she) was a white cat with a black tail and black markings on his head.

As a very young child who owned a cat, I was very lucky and quite thankful that Maya was very patient with me. Whenever I pulled his tail, he never swiped me with his claws. He never bit me if I hugged him too tight. He allowed me to play with him (since I was the only child in the household who wasn’t allowed out of the house.) He was the brave but somewhat lazy cat who joined me in adventures in faraway lands. He was sometimes my patient and sometimes my assistant when I play doctor with my dolls. He suffered all those indignities with an air benevolent serenity. I’m very glad that he did. In a large city where kidnappings happen frequently and living in a very busy neighborhood with lots of cars, trucks and other vehicles coming and going, it was not safe for a child to play on and near the streets. You can only do that in a gated community or in the provinces. He was the only “safe” playmate available and maybe that’s why my parents allowed me to keep him. He’s gone now, due to my naivete. I brought to the province during one of our trips. I didn’t have a cage so when we arrived at the farm I let him out to stretch his legs. He bolted as soon as he was out of the car and ran so fast, I didn’t see where he went. I never saw him again.

When I had the chance of owning and interacting with dogs, I found that, while dogs are nice to have around and certainly more energetic than a cat, they can very tiring and sometimes difficult to train. Cats, well, I think they were born house-trained. Dogs, at least those that I’ve come into contact with, seem to want attention all the time while cats seem to instinctively know when to bother you and when not to. Because of the way I grew up, I lean towards cats. I don’t have anything against dogs, in fact I like them and I currently own one now. But if the opportunity ever arises, I’ll get a cat as pet.

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