Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 89

I have own several pets, dogs and cats. In fact when I was growing up we always had a dog or cat in the home. Sometimes both. It is kind of hard for me to decide which is better, but I will tell you which one I prefer now. And why.

I remember the first Dog that was ever in our home. Her name was Bobbi, she was a Collie, beautiful animal. my mother always kept her groomed. Bobbi was friendly around us, but she never liked strangers. When people would come to the house, my Father would take Bobbi to the basement. She had got so use to being in the basement, when we tried to bring her in the house she would also head for the Basement. To her this was her haven so eventually we stopped trying to get her to stay upstairs. My Father built her a Dog House and she had her own private space. She had (1) litter of puppies which my Father sold to different people. One day when one of my brothers took Bobbi out for a walk, she somehow slipped off her leash, and ran into the street, as she was crossing over to the other side a car hit her. The man that hit her got out of his car and went over to where Bobbi laid.

He asked my brother where did we live and my brother told him we lived down the street, he picked Bobbi up and brought her back to the house, and told my parents what had happened. My Father and this gentleman took Bobbi to the Vet’s (she had a broken leg) and the man paid the bill. That man came by the house every week to see Bobbi and would bring different things from Food to toys. At the time this man did not know that Bobbi had had some puppies, until one day one of my sisters asked him if he would like to see Bobbi’s puppies. When he saw those puppies he asked my Father what were he going to do with them, of courses my Father told him that he was going to sell them. this man bought two of Bobbi’s pups and took them home with him.

He never stopped coming to see Bobbi and would bring her pups with him, when Bobbi died, he was just as heart broken as we were, and he paid to have Bobbie buried. Not long after that he came to tell us that he was moving out of the state and wanted to come by and let us know that he was leaving. We never saw him again. After Bobbie there were others, Cookie, she was a Beagle, given to me by my Aunt. She would let you in the house, but she wouldn’t let you leave. She was something else. Sheba was a Black Cocker Spaniel with pretty wavy fur, my mother’s pet, we had another dog named Sheba, she was a German Shepard (black)

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