Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 88

I think any pet you have is great, pets keep you young and stress free!. In my opinion though I prefer a cat. I have had many pets; dogs, cats, birds, fish, rats, bunny’s, and more but out of all those pets the Cats are my favorite..Not only are they a “lazy” care animal but I think they can cure you. I know that sounds silly but my cat knows when I am not feeling good, if I have a stomach ache she comes over and “massages” my stomach, that was especially effective during my pregnancy.

Most people with children are on the go a lot to keep up with the kid and sometimes you can’t slow down enough to walk your animal or bathe him or whatever, in this case a cat is ideal, she can use the litter box and wash herself. Also for those with frequent headaches a cat is ideal because not many cats are loud like dogs…

I’m not downing dogs at all I myself love all animals but for me its the Cat!

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