Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 87

I’m a huge lover of animals and have had both dogs and cats (among other animals) as pets. A cat wins the “best pet debate” hands down for me. Dogs are lovable, devoted and fun to have around, they are also much more work and veterinary expense. It’s lot’s of fun to engage them in play with Frisbees and doggie toys, to run, chase and roll on the ground with them. It’s also nice to be greeted with so much love and exuberance when arriving at home or in response to having called them to you. A cat is equally lovable, devoted and fun to have around. Many people who have never had the privilege to own and love a cat would likely be surprised to know just how affectionate and playful they are. When cats are young especially, they also take great joy in playing fetch with stuffed mice and little balls and gladly return them to you in order to keep the game going, much like a dog. In fact, during the kitten stage they can be downright hilarious with enough crazed antics to fuel hours of laughter. The list of household things you can use to entertain them is endless. Give me a feather, dental floss, and a piece of aluminum foil and I can make a cat toy to drive a kitten (along with the kids)out of their mind with fun! Another similarity between dogs and cats is that both will follow you around and insist on lying at your feet wherever you stop moving. But,the audacious feline will not stop there, your lap or shoulder serves them even better if you’ll allow it. They are also not beyond getting your undivided attention by plopping down in the middle of the newspaper you’re trying to read at the moment or the paperwork in front of you.

The best of it is that our pets, dog or cat, become a much loved part of the family allowing us to know true unconditional love that we will always remember. The worse of it is that when their lifetime with us comes to a close it is a sorrow we never forget.

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