Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 86

Although one of my daughters will not agree with me, I think dogs make better pets. I’ve never been a “cat” person, per se. When my daughters and I combined households, I found myself living with a feline. I don’t think either the cat or the dog have a clue or even care about their heritage. They eat out of each other’s food dish, they drink out of each other’s water bowls, and each takes the time to lovingly and tenderly groom the other.

The cat actually came first.

We picked him up from the human society when he was a young kitten. Shiloh, a beautiful black and white male long haired cat was one of my Granddaughter’s Christmas presents in 2004. Shiloh is laid back, quiet, and afraid of everything. He spends most of his time lounging in the garage and chasing bugs and eating geckos. Shiloh managed to “escape” from the house one time for about 4 hours. We finally found him in the bushes next to the house visiting with some of the local rabbits. Now, every now and then, the rabbits will come and sit in the front yard like they’re waiting for Shiloh to come out and play with them. I’m not sure what happened during that “visit”. I think Shiloh has claimed one of those rabbits for his Girlfriend.

You see how confused he is?

Pee Wee the dog joined our family about 5 months after Shiloh. Pee Wee is a Chow, Jack Russell Terrier, Pit Bull mix. When Pee Wee joined the family, Shiloh was the larger of the two. While Pee Wee was smaller than Shiloh, Shiloh had great fun beating up on Pee Wee. Now that Pee Wee is the bigger one, Shiloh still hold his own during the routine “rough housing” that goes on. One time Pee Wee got a little too aggressive, and was hurting Shiloh. Shiloh quickly remedied the situation by giving Pee Wee a short quick left hook to the nose which sent Pee Wee running for cover! It was hilarious!

Even though I have adapted to living with a feline, I still believe dogs are the better pets. Dogs are much more engaging and much more fun to be around. Dogs are an endless source of entertainment. You can do much more with dogs than you can with cats. Cats are finicky, flighty, and not real easy to warm up to. If the Cat isn’t in the mood, I don’t care what you try, you will not get that little bugger to do anything but sit there and look at you like you’re the one who is in need of psychiatric help! The dog will go to the ends of the earth to catch that ball that he thinks you tossed.

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