Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 85

Of Course A dog would make a better pet! Dogs are Mans Best Friend. You can do so much more with a dog. All cats do is lay around an lick themselves all day. On the other hand, you can actually play with a dog without getting scratched in the face. Dogs can help guard your house, sniff for bombs, drugs, or escaped prisoners. They are actually useful in life. Dogs can tell when your afraid, if your a stranger, and they can bark as a warning. Dogs are just great to have around for entertainment, fun, utility, or a friend. If your thinking about getting a cat I hope you reconsider. It is also fun to raise a puppy into a fully grown dog, and there are lots of dogs that are good with kids. And the more positive attention you give your dog, the nicer it will grow up to be. Hands down, a dog would be the best pet over a cat.

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