Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 84

As a lover of both cats and dogs, I feel this argument may run deep, and get personal!

Cats have a far superior intelligence than dogs, and many other domestic animals, which make them a first class pet. Dogs must be exercised; cats do it themselves. Dogs need to be let out of the door; cats can squeeze out of the window. These are a few of the many reasons in which i form my argument.

The choice between a dog and a cat is not a difficult one, if you have a busy life like me. Most people want a pet for a bit of company, which with a cat you can find the perfect balance between company that you want at times that you want, and company that your cat wants. A dog however, never gets tired, demands attention, and will howl incessantly until they get the attention, regardless of what else you are doing at the time. Dogs still need to be walked in the rain; whereas cats can go out themselves if they wish, without you having to get wet in the process.

If you go away a lot like I do, it takes me five minutes and costs me nothing to pop next door and ask my neighbor to feed my cat whilst I’m away. No neighbor would happily look after a dog in the same way. Feeding a cat takes 2 minutes a day; seeing to a dog in the same way requires exercise, feeding, letting out to the toilet at regular intervals. Come on, my neighbor is a nice man, but I wouldn’t ask that of him. Instead I would have to pay through nose for my dog to locked in a kennel run for the duration of my holiday! Yet they will still howl all night even though you are paying through the nose.

Cat cuddles are snuggly, whereas dog cuddles are smelly and slivery! I rest my case, meow

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