Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 83

Now let me start with, I have two cats and a dog. I love them all dearly but there are reasons why I believe that dogs make better pets.

Cats are very independent and sometimes downright moody. They want things done there way when they feel like. If they dont get what they want, they really let you know about it (sometimes all night long). They are very smart, sometimes to smart. They open up doors they shouldn’t, get into everything even if told no, and then look at you like you are crazy.

Now I have almost always had a pet dog. I find them more of a friend than a pet. Now some of you might think I am crazy, but when I cry, do they cats come running to see if I am okay? No, but the dog does. He will lick my tears away and stay with me until I am finished.

Dogs also have loyality. They will stick by your side no matter where you go or what you do. They can be that little bit of support you need when you are doing something you don’t want to. Just looking at them and seeing them wag their tail at you some how makes things a little better.

Also dogs are great shoppers. Have you ever tried to take a cat to Pet Smart and shop? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Dogs are great shoppers. Get them down the dog toy lane and they will show you what they want. They always get excited with new toys and treats, its always a joy to see them so happy.

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