Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 82

I own a cat and a dog and it is definite to me that my dog makes a better pet. Dogs are interactive creatures who look up at you with big, brown eyes and love you, or at least trick you into thinking they do. Cats are proud, annoying creatures who think your sole existence is to serve them.

If you were being attacked: your dog would growl at your attacker and protect you, your cat would watch you with annoyance, wondering when he will be fed. If you were watching TV: your dog would sit at your side, just happy to be at your side, your cat would come and sit on your lap, seeking body heat (commonly disguised as affection).

Cats go outside and hunt birds and rats, then drag it to your doorstep. Dogs go outside and hunt birds ands rats, but have the courtesy to bury it in the backyard.

Cats pay no attention to what you say, and either aren’t smart enough to understand what you say, or just have too little regard for you to care. Dogs listen intently to what you say most of the time, and with time will understand what you say and respond in their own unique way.

Cats jump over the fence at night and get into fights, where they may get scratched and get sick. Dogs go to sleep at night after a bit of a bark, and wake up in the morning without having made any trouble.

Cats get stressed and meow annoyingly when they are taken to new places, even the vet. Dogs adapt well and can accompany you on many of your adventures.

Even though dogs are much better creatures than cats, some people are not suited to dogs, but cats. Such people include those who lack time to care for a dog, those who are allergic to dogs and those who are against exercise. Some people are better suited to dogs, such people include sporty people, those who are allergic to cats, people who NEED love from their pet and those who are just too manly for a dog.

In conclusion i must say that dog IS man’s best friend, while cats have nine lives, and thats too much meowing for my liking.

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