Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 79

As I type this, my dog Poppy is lying most loyally beside my feet, never doubting my love for her. She sending me good vibes as I begin to debate on how dogs are most definitely the best pets. Call me biased all you want but I have made my decision. Dogs are not just pets. Dogs are companions. Dogs show unconditional love for their owners through bad and good. Dogs always stay by their owners side unlike cats (or cats that I have heard about) who are constantly leaving the house.

Dogs keep you fit. If you are a good dog owner, you will religiously take your dog out for walks when often (usually weather related) you would not bother.

Dogs have more appreciation for their owners. Cats

(from my experiences),seem to take their owners for granted, almost using them. Whereas dogs just have a deep respect for you. When I come home having left my dogs for a couple of hours my dogs don’t look at me as if they’re fed up and want to know where I’ve been all that time. No. They are just so happy and glad that I’m back and they can be with me again.

Dogs are (and I think it’s been proven) more intelligent than cats. They can be taught things that cats could never learn. They can do tricks, they can guide blind people, they can sniff out drugs. I mean have you ever seen a guide cat or a police cat? I don’t think so.

Dogs seem to understand and I believe they DO understand. Familiar words like “Walk”, “Food”, “Millie(one of their ‘doggy’ friends)” and of course their own name make their ears prick. They listen to your every word. Your worries, your ideas, everything! Not necessarily understanding but listening. This is a skill cats don’t seem to have. They would get agitated. Walk away or start doing something different. And that brings me nicely onto my next point.

I look down at Poppy again and see how peaceful she is. Just lying there, probably dreaming about walks and bones! Dogs are so quiet, so relaxed. Yes, they can be loud and run about like mad when they want to but after their walk, they come home and simply curl up in front of the fire, content. They are just so simple. All they want is food, a walk and your love. On the other hand, cats are always moving. Always needing something to do. They do sometimes settle for a while but in no time they’re up and running.

I hope now that you see how unbelievably amazing pets dogs can be and even if you would still go for the feline option, at least you can now appreciate the other side of the argument.

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