Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 75

Why are dogs better pets than cats? The simple answer is; dogs are more loyal than cats.

Yes, you don’t have to bathe a cat, take a cat for a walk everyday. But that is the fun of having a dog as a pet. The gratatude you get from throwing a ball to your pet dog, or the happiness you see by the way he wags his tail to greet you when you come home after a day out.

Dogs are used as many senses. They can be our eyes, our ears, our smell. Dogs are used to help a blind man cross the street, a deaf man to hear for the door, a dog that will warn you when there is a fire. All in all, they will protect us.

The love you show your dog is shown back by their tail wagging and the ‘smile’ they give and the ‘kisses’ you recieve.

Your pet dog will stay with you all times; where as a cat will wonder off and come back when it feels like it.

Dogs are better pets; yes they are high maintanance, but they are your life partner, your companion, a mans best friend.

The saying ‘A dog will come when called, a cat will take a message and get back to you’ is true. And that is why dogs make good pets.

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