Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 74

Puff vs. Spot (Those of us who are 40 something and older will remember these wonderful pets from Dick and Jane school books)

Food: Watch Spot run, he runs to his bowl and eats and eats and eats!

DOGS: Feeding a dog can is more expensive than feeding a cat. Dogs eat more, the treats are costly and they are never full. Dogs beg and cats stare.

CATS: Take their time eating, don’t get food all of the floor and stop when they are full.

Bathroom Habits: Watch Spot run and squat here and there and there and here.

DOGS: Dogs are much, much harder to train. You need a crate, newspaper, a strong stomach, disinfectant, and patience.

CATS: To train cats you need a box, litter and a cat. Just toss kitty in the litter box and you are done.

Vacation Time: Watch Spot jump all over the bed in the hotel room, jump Spot, jump.

DOGS: When planning your vacation have to make arrangements with your inlaws, neighbors, local kennel (which adds to the expense of your vacation) or find a pet friendly hotel so you can take him with you. But don’t forget to take bowls, dog food, his favorite toy, and treats.

CATS: Just fill up Puff’s bowl with enough food and water for a few days and off you go.

Pesky Critters: Watch Spot watch the mouse, run mouse, run, here comes Puff.

DOGS: Dogs can care less about those little home invaders called mice.

CATS: Cats keep your home varmint free. Not only do they find mice entertaining, it is a kitty snack that doesn’t cost you a cent.

Greeting Guests: Watch Spot greet the neighbor, stop Spot, stop, don’t sniff Mrs. Jone’s crotch.

DOGS: Crotch sniffing, that disgusting thing that some dogs do when they greet you at the door.

CATS: They can care less who comes to the door and when is the last time you seen a cat sniff someone’s crotch?

All fun aside, I do have a dog named “Lady” who I love very very much but my purrrrsonal preference will always be cats. They make such wonderful, affectionate (when they want affection) pets. They are easy to take care of and are a joy to hold and snuggle with. CAT ARE PURRRRRRRFECT!

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