Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 73

Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Independent. Self reliant. Beautiful. Timeless. Classic. This list could describe many things, from cars to popular actresses. However, in this instance, it describes cats.

Cats are wonderful pets and loving companions. Anyone who has one or two cats would gladly agree that watching their animals play is a daily highlight. Anyone who is a cat owner will also tell how wonderful it feels when their animal curls up into a lap and purr. These four legged fur babies offer their owners unconditional love and amusement.

In comparing cats to dogs, we must compare the animals to the owners. Dogs are great companions to the physically active. Many dogs enjoy a good run, they often can play tirelessly games of fetch ball or Frisbee. It is highly unlikely a cat would partake in these forms of rigorous activity, though some cats will, and do, play fetch!

A dog lives to please. They wake up each morning, look at the owner, and put great efforts to do so. A dog can learn to bring items like a newspaper or slippers; others will learn activities such as retrieving ducks for their hunting master or herding creatures such as sheep. Many dogs have fun loving, open personalities which will accept anyone the master allows. These outgoing, friendly creatures will happily smile from a pat of any hand.

Cats please to live. These animals typically choose one or two people they accept and love beyond reason. Faithfully, cats might shy away from new people rather than cozy up with them, saving their affections for those limited few. Cats restrict their affection to only those they deem fitting to have it.

Cats are clean creatures. They groom and wash themselves to maintain a pristine appearance. Dogs tend to engage in less self grooming. In most cases, cats do not need to be taken to a groomer because of massive amounts of fur. Cats smell better. One does not have to worry, should they pet a cat, if they will smell of cat. It is a different story when it comes to dogs. There are few things that smell worse than a wet dog.

Litter boxes are a definite unconvinced for any cat owner. It is a hassle to scoop out the litter once or twice a day. However, because cats have an indoor bathroom, the need to walk the animal is not an issue. Rain, sleet, snow, or amazingly hot weather~ the cat does not need to be let outside or walked. Dogs do not have this luxury. A dog must be walked or accidents will undoubtedly occur. The bathroom

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