Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 72

As much as I love my old dog, I have to admit that a cat is superior as a pet, for several admittedly subjective reasons. First, I lead a busy life, and need an easy-care animal. A cat is nearly self-sufficient. Given a litter box, a big bowl of kibbles and plenty of fresh water, a cat doesn’t need you to be home at all for two or three days. No dog can match that. For those unable to tolerate the thought of leaving their pet completely unattended for the weekend, asking a neighbor to care for your cat is a much smaller favor than if you were leaving Fido home alone.

Cats come out ahead on the disgusting factor, too. Although my cat will occasionally kill a mouse and leave little blood streaks on the bathroom floor (okay, that’s pretty disgusting), I still choose that over a dog who has ecstatically rolled in something dead and then come in to lie by the wood stove. Major ick, open all the windows and get that animal out of here. Cat puke versus dog puke, you just have to go by volume. Cats win again.

Shall we mention shedding? My cat has medium length hair, and he sheds. My dog has a double coat of fur, the winter layer of which she starts shedding in spring, and keeps shedding, despite frequent brushing, in big clumps all summer. The dust bunnies in my house (of course I mean the theoretical ones which would exist if I weren’t such a good housekeeper) consist of mostly dog hair. All the time.

The main reason I want a pet, is to, well, pet it. Cats win. They curl up on your lap and make the best sound in the universe. They’re warm and comforting. They don’t slobber on you (okay, some slobber, but they definitely still win if we’re going by volume!). A warm, soft, purring cat cannot be beat by any number of tongue lolling, eager, brown eyed doggies.

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