Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 71

Although the debate over which makes the better pet, a dog or a cat, is really a matter of personal preference I do truly believe that dogs are the better option. Dogs are herd animals, as opposed to the solitary nature of cats, and therefore bond much more closely with their humans than cats do. The bond that a dog forms with their human is usually a very tight one, provided they are cared for well. Dogs love their owners and will often protect them with their lives. You won’t find any cat that will protect their owners the same way that a dog will.

While cats are sometimes better behaved when left alone dogs actually serve a purpose when left alone in your house. They view the house as their territory and will protect it well. Dogs often function better than most alarm systems because criminals are extremely wary of facing an angry dog. Having a dog waiting for you at home also ensures you that there is no one waiting for you inside the house, as well greeting you with a wagging tail and a great attitude.

Sure cats may be easier to potty train, but dogs can be trained as well and after that there is no need to worry about it aside from letting them out. Of course if you have a small yard you still need to clean up after the dog but if not you can train your dog to off in an obscure spot and not worry too much about it. With cats are you always going to have to clean that litter box.

Dogs are way more loving and cuddly. Sure some cats will lay on your lap but most of the time you only get affection on their own time. They won’t cuddle and be loving unless they want to. Dogs on the other hand are nearly always ready to cuddle up and get some love. There is nothing more annoying then wanting to love your pet and not being able to.

With dogs you can often take them with you when you travel or simply go for a drive. If you are a person who loves the outdoors and camping then you can get a dog to take with you when you go camping. No one would ever dream of trying to take their cat with them, no matter how much they loved them. Many dogs are happy to hang out with their owners in the dog and will patiently wait for them while they run errands. Of course this is not true of every dog, nor is the opposite true of every cat. No matter which pet if your favorite the attributes that make them your favorite won’t be true of every single pet. However dogs still remaining the most loving and loyal pet there.

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