Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 69

I have had both dogs and cats in my life, each has their own merits however I have always been a dog person. Why I asked myself to you think dogs are better pets than cats.

The most obvious reason that dogs make better pets is this thing called the litter box. Even when it is kept clean it still stinks of cat urine. Cats have a tendency to ignore you unless of coarse it is time to feed them, then you just might be their best friend. You can’t trust a cat especially around any type of meat. I had a roast of beef I left thawing on the counter and the next thing I knew the roast beef was gone, the cat ate the whole thing. That did not endear the cat to me. Cats have claws and claws do damage to furniture and body parts. You can have a cat declawed which of coarse now limits the cat to being indoors all of the time since it is unable to defend itself or climb. Rather a harsh punishment for an animal you supposedly love to pieces. You can not play fetch with a cat, although if you put a piece of paper on a string the cat will chase it for a few moments before looking at you as if you are insane. Cats are very independent and require less care than a dog that is the only plus I have ever found when it came to cats in general.

Me, I am a confirmed dog lover. I have been around dogs all of my life, I am now fifty eight with two dogs in my life. One is a White German Shepard, whose name is Princess. Princess is a mumbler from way back. She is getting up in years, she is around eleven years of age, in our age she would be one hundred and ten years. I call her my “grand old dame”, every place I go when I am home she follows, it is that unconditional love and companionship that makes a dog so much a part of the family. Our other addition is Rosie, whom we found two years ago abandoned at a truck stop in Texas. Rosie is a mixed breed of dubious ancestry, we think she is part Boxer and part Jack Russell Terrier. The vet we take her to said that was possible but also she could be part Pit Bull and Jack Russell Terrier. Whatever she is she is Rosie. She is a delight to have on the truck, she gives such pleasure, love, joy, happiness and all the other adjectives that can be thought of. Rosie is also a teacher, especially in forgiveness. I don’t know to many dogs that once left to starve care to associate with human beings but Rosie does. When she goes out for a walk she enjoys meeting drivers and is put out if no one will pet her or pay attention to her.

If you are an independent person a cat is a great choice, however if you enjoy companionship a dog is a better choice. Each animal has a personality, and feelings they may not speak as we do but they do communicate. What ever choice you make whether it is a cat or dog remember that animal depends on you for everything, from food and water to being your friend and companion. Take care of that animal and it will take care of you.

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