Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 68

Which Makes a Better Pet – A Dog or a Cat?

That which defines better is determined by intent. Public opinion in this debate would have you believe that the better pet is the one you can most control. Humans feel it necessary to assess the intelligence of animals as a way of reinforcing our own sense of superiority. Like humans, dogs respond to stimuli of punishment and reward. The hierarchy and behavior of dogs closely resembles the hierarchy and behavior of humans. Dogs are social creatures and prefer to live in packs. Dogs, motivated by pack-living instinct, perform purely for praise and acceptance and fear of rejection. Thus when dogs and humans live together, dogs view humans as dominant pack members and are eager to please for fear of being driven out of the pack or being demoted to a lesser position. Therefore, the more control man exerts over beast, the safer and more superior man feels. Consequently, dog becomes man’s best friend out of fear. The problem with this type of thinking is that better is determined by man’s biases and limited understanding and does not reflect the true intellect or natural behavior of the animal. Anyone, including small children with limited education and basic knowledge of the punishment and reward system, can live with and raise a dog. Dogs may be easier to train, but training based on limited perceptions and understanding does not constitute the makings of a better pet.

The list of cons against cats is long. Cats are stupid and can’t be manipulated into performing certain tricks. Cats are self serving, lazy and are not interactive on command. Cats offer no significant contributions to society and do not serve to protect man. Cats lack a certain athletic appeal to sports enthusiasts who run, swim, canoe or cycle. In short, cats do not allow themselves to become enslaved to the whims of man based on fears of rejection or punishment or reward. Instead, cats are obstinate because they are free thinking, independent creatures that have much to teach instead of learn.

Cats make the better pet because they have much to teach humans about balance in life. In a society plagued by illness, disease and imbalance, cats teach us how to relax, de-stress, unwind, and be ourselves.

Cats are rationally selfish and self governing. They do not need to live with us, but rather choose to live with us instead.

Cats are independent, solitary creatures motivated by opportunity and not fear.

Cats can teach us work/life

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