Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 67

Why are dogs better than cats as pets? Where do I start? First off, when is the last time a cat alerted you of an intruder? Better yet, when is the last time a cat defended you against an intruder? A dog’s love for it’s owner is second to none. A cat’s love for it’s owner is only second to it’s love for itself. In other words a cat would save itself before it saved it’s owner.

Secondly, dogs are much more active and playful than full-grown cats. Don’t get me wrong, kittens are very playful…. Until they grow up! Dogs on the other hand love to interact with their owners. They love to play and have fun. The last time I owned a cat it slept more than I did (Which is a lot by the way!) However, I’m sure that this is every dog lover’s main argument, but for very good reason.

The next thing I’m going to mention is those pesky claws on those cats! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been scratched by cats. Just hold them and pet them, but don’t try to put them down! That’s when you get scratched to death by a cat that acts like it’s “holding on for dear life!”

Cats can also be very dangerous to infants. When I was very young my grandmother shewed a cat away and I asked, “Why’d you do that?” She broke into a story about how she didn’t like cats anymore because one had suffocated an infant to death in it’s crib. It sat on the child’s head, the child belonged to friends of the family. Cats are very jealous creatures and if you have infants then cats may not be the best choice of pets. Some are probably going to say that dogs can be dangerous too, which is true but that depends on how you treat your dog! Abused dogs can be vicious, but if you’re kind to your dogs then they will be very loyal and harmless to you and your family.

My final point is that dogs are very faithful. In my experience when a cat runs away it doesn’t come back. However, whenever one of my dogs ran away they would always find their way home. Home is where the dog’s heart is! A dog doesn’t care about going where “the grass is greener.” They just want to be where they are loved. What’s so stupid about that? How does that make them any less intelligent?

You might say, “Well, cats are smarter than dogs!” Are they really? A dog knows and respects the hand that feeds it! Cats on the other hand only look out for number one. I’m sure there are exceptions to the “rule,” as there are usually exceptions to any rule. If you have a great cat that breaks the mold then more power to you!

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