Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 66

The sound, the sight and the habits of cats endear them to me. Independence and purring are two of the many wonderful qualities making cats better than dogs to keep as pets. In this day and age of traveling often and regularly the independent nature of a cat is a really helpful quality. A cat can be left on it’s own and rarely chews up the house in frustration. Cats also generally don’t refuse to eat in reaction to being left alone. Actually, since a cat is smaller than most dogs, if you want to take them along they can be transported more easily too.

Purring is a wonderful quality which dogs can’t mimic. Who doesn’t like to hear a cat purr. I think that there is a beauty to the sound which thrills my ears. Cats reward your attention to them by this lustrous sound which as kids we learned to appreciate. As adults we continue to enjoy the sound of a purr whenever and wherever we can get an opportunity to fill our ears with the sound. All it takes is a little chin scratching and petting to get the sound to begin to fill the cats throat. It never fails to make a child smile or an older person grin in glee.

Cats feel so nice to your groping fingers when you pet them. They are so appealing to our sense of touch and such a nice warm buddy when they curl their tails around themselves or drape themselves recklessly across a lap. Sometimes they sit in a sunny window looking so content that it makes me feel better about just to see a cat enjoying the sun.They really ask very little in return for the joy they give to others.

Cats are very easy to take care of because they are so little and they need very little food or water. They can be left with dry food and water and are quite willing to help themselves to the refreshments without much coaxing on the part of their owner.

The playfulness of cats is so entertaining. I love to watch my cats playing with a little ball or walnut. They will pounce on it and bat it around like it is the most fascinating thing in the room. A cat will jump up in the air and pounce down and then hide around the corner and sneak up on the toy like it is going to be a great surprise. My cats make everybody in the family and any visitors chuckle when they wrestle with each other. They pounce and chase each other quite happily for several hours every day and I never tire of watching their antics.

The companionship of a cat is not at all the same as a dog since they seem to be able to entertain themselves so thoroughly .I enjoy being able to come and go without feeling like I need to worry about my cats. I will never tire of hearing my cats meows and purrs and the feeling of a cat curling up on my lap is a pleasant event every time it happens. Yes a cat is the best pet indeed.

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