Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 65

Ive always thought cats made better pets then dogs.

While both animals make great pets, it depends on the type of person who is keeping the animal as to which kind of pet works for them. For me its cats.

While i take my kids outside, i have no desire to keep an animal that needs as much care as my toddler. A dog needs to go outside every 2 hours or so. They need to be taken for walks, need to have time to run around outside. As puppies they chew on things, and often chew up expensive items that you might not want to replace. I knew a dog, who in anger, chewed up their owners expensive exercise equipment. The dog also chewed up expensive shoes and on a couch.

Cats however can be inside or outside or a combination of both. If the cat is allowed inside it will catch its own food. Many people find this squeamish, however i see it as the natural way cats are. They hunt their own food as they are carnivores. A cat is affectionate and friendly. They will sit on your lap and just be content to sit with you. They are playful with toys, string, bells and feathers.

Cats are also independent. I come from a family who spends allot of time camping. In the summer we have no fear leaving our cat for a few days with plenty of food and water and a clean litter box. We know she will be alright, a dog however has to have someone watching over it. They will come to you when you want to give them attention, or come when they want attention. Then when they are done they will simply get up and walk away, finding something else to do.

They aren’t overly energetic animals. They prefer to laze about being pampered and loved. Which is prefect for our house. While they do play, the prefer to spend more time sitting or laying around. Ours spends allot of her time sitting in the window watching birds. Everyone now and then she makes an attempt to jump, but only hits the window.

Cats are amusing. They do silly things. Catnip effects them in funny ways, a paper bag or a plastic bag is a treasure. Or most recently we have found out that a pipe cleaner can drive a kitty wild. They are curious of things going around, but we have never had a territorial cat. Some say they mark their territory, but i have never had experience with that.

Cats are very loving and loyal to their owners. Our cats always sleep with us, cuddle us. And always seem to know when someone is upset. They respond by coming to them and loving on them.

I prefer cats because of their affectionate nature while still maintaining their independence. For me they are the best pet.

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