Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 63

A cat makes a better pet, because cats have that home feeling and that soft touch to your home, they are friendly and cuddly, and as dogs they can be too hyperactive.

Also a cat is safer for your family and children because cats tend to like a lot of attention and children love them but if children gave a dog a lot of attention, they can get annoyed and bite or getting viscous.

As far as I’m afraid I’ve heard too many stories of people being bitten by their dogs and go to hospital and yet you never hear bad stories like these happen from cats.

I have got cats myself and I believe they are best for family homes; you can cuddle and pat them all the time and also you feel safe with them around you.

Cats can bring a lot of happiness to people’s lives and the comfort that cats bring.

I know a lot of old people have cats because when these old people are lonely they have a cat with them, its like their new best friend and same with children, they can be a pet that can stay by you all day as they tend to sleep a lot especially next to you or on you.

Cats have cleaner fur than dogs; dogs can actually bring a smell around the house, as cats are very clean because they wash themselves by licking their fur and paws.

Cats are easy to toilet train, it only takes them a few weeks but a dog can take ages or may never work for it to be toilet trained, it takes great difficulty.

Cats are wonderful creatures; they always bring a smile to peoples faces and bring that love and compassion to people’s hearts.

Its like when ever you need to feel a comfort in your home, its best to have a cat, even studies have shown that cats can make people feel safer in their own home and that because cats sleep a lot, they bring that relaxing, sleeping mood to people as well, it gives the tend for people to relax and enjoy.

What would you do if you did get a dog, and it started to become vicious which can easily happen, its their instinct, and that can become danger to your family especially your children why risk it, cats are better and softer.

That’s why a cat is a better pet than a dog.

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