Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 62

I must hurry and write this quickly while my cat is napping. In all honesty I believe dogs make better pets then cats, but there’s no way I want my cat to know that. They have such a loving personality. If you go out to get the mail for instance, a dog will greet you like you’ve been gone all day and he really missed you and is so glad you’re back. On the other hand, a cat couldn’t care less if you went to get the mail or you went to Mars.

When you talk to a dog, he cocks his head and hangs on to every word you say. You could be speaking gibberish but he will give you his undivided attention. My cat doesn’t even bother to open her eyes. I might as well be talking to myself for all she cares.

If you ask your dog if he wants to play, he will run and get a ball, a stick, any toy he has and bring it to you to play. Get out the cat toys and try to tempt my cat and again sh won’t even open her eye to see what you’re doing. I’ve even covered her toys in catnip to try to interest her. She just won’t play with me. I think it is because she doesn’t like to share.

Pet your dog or scratch him behind his ears and he lays at your feet contented. Touch my cat and she will claw your hands until your blood if running freely. Then she flicks her tail at you and saunters away feeling very proud of herself.

By now you are probably wondering what I am doing with a cat for a pet. Well, I didn’t go out to get her that’s for sure. I was asked to keep her for a weekend. That was about seven years ago. It’s been a long long weekend.

When her owner came back they decided they didn’t want her any more and asked if I would keep her until they found a new home for her. Boy, did they know a sucker when they saw one. But you know what? I’ve come to love this cat that my family refers to as Nasty Cat. She may not be sweet and loving like other peoples cats but I love her anyway. As my family call her Nasty Cat, I call her Honey Girl.

Who knows how long I’ll have her? I don’t have any idea how old she is and I don’t care. But if the day ever comes that I am looking for a new pet…IT WILL BE A DOG.

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