Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 61

Cats are obviously the superior choice for pets. If you are considering a pet for companionship, rather than a security system, (which is rather disturbing, anyway), the advantages are endless.

First, cats are ideal for all ages and abilities. Small children, and elderly or handicapped people may particularly appreciate a cat’s calm demeanor and easy upkeep. Cats do not need to be walked, they bathe themselves, and they do not get very big.

A cat’s small size is also a determining factor when considering where the pet owner lives. Many landlords do not allow large pets, and an apartment on any other level but the ground floor would most likely cause problems for a dog owner.

Guests in your home may be greeted with meows or purrs, or gentle brushes to the legs if you’re a cat owner, as opposed to a dog’s barking, jumping up on your guests, or, even more embarrassing: sniffing their private areas, or haunching on their legs.

Would you like your cat to be an indoor/outdoor cat? You may even be able to eliminate the need for a litter box. You won’t have to clean up after them outside, as cats even cover their own, “business”! You also won’t find giant holes under your fence, or find yourself having to chase your cat down the street.

Of course, cats love to play, and love to snuggle! Making the decision to own a cat is a wise decision, indeed.

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