Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 60

Dogs and cats are perfect pets but for some people who have allergies to one or the other they can’t go with that choice so that seems to dictate which is a better pet when in fact it doesn’t really matter what you choose to have as a pet. If you are allergic to cats you can still have a cat as a pet if you feel that is the best choice. If you feel like having a dog is the best choice then go with a dog. It doesn’t really matter which is better it just matters which you think is better because opinion is all that really matters. Popularity shouldn’t be the deciding factor either. If dogs are the most popular pets in a city or town then people will tend to get more dogs because they are “cool” and they just want to fit in with the majority of the population. As a canine lover I tend to lean more towards owning dogs as pets but I wouldn’t mind having a cat either because both are great, loving animal companions. Dogs are said to man’s best friend and cats are woman’s best friend when in fact none of that is true. Cats can man’s best friend and women will usually choose dogs because they think that dogs are a greater “protective” pet than a cat. For me, I would go with a dog, because I am a canine lover and dogs are canines, and sometimes that’s my deciding factor, but I also enjoy the companionship that dogs offer. It’s nobody’s decision about which is better but your own and what you think is better is better to you for your own reasons but both cats and dogs are good pets.

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