Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 57

Of course this article’s based solely on opinion. A conclusion for which makes a better pet is next to impossible when factoring in the complexity of human personality and all our quirks and preferences. For ME, a dog rather than a cat is a better pet because he has character I prefer compared to a cat. He understands directions, barks at what he perceives a threat, and has such beautiful and warm expressions of loyalty and companionship. To back track a bit, for most it goes without saying the raucousness of dog barking is annoying, but to understand he is instinctively alarming his “pack”, (me and my family) to a potential danger helps me develop a little patience and tolerance. He’s assuring the survival of his pack, but I like to say family.

Cats, from my experience, maintain a high level of independence and are less interested or willing to interact or seek and give affection to people. Yet a furry warm animal sprawled across your lap purring while you rub it’s belly is sweet. The curiosity of cats with their gaping and honed eyes is pure amusement. Her tail’s twitching, low stance slowly creeping until suddenly up in the air she goes pouncing on her catnip mouse toy. Cats deliver cute light-hearted entertainment such as this, but mostly its on their time. I’m fairly certain if the cat could speak, in the words of the artist Pink, she’d say “I’m not here for your entertainment!” In self-righteous indignation.

Dogs and cats are both intelligent creatures unique and individual in behavior. I enjoy running around outside with my dog. And throwing a stick Cosmo may return to me or chew to bits is playful and fun for both of us. Whether wrestling each-other or attentively observing various sites and sounds together in the woods, the companionship of a dog is why I feel that for me, a dog is a better pet.

Some people treat their pets as an accessory, stuffing them in their handbags or garnishing them with outlandishly expensive collars (Paris Hilton). But it is an animal and is to be treated with respect and dignity. While dogs may not comprehend dignity they are keen on respect as a characteristic inherit in their character.

A pet is an animal under the authority and housing of its owner and is the responsibility of the owner to attend to the needs of his or her pet. That should go with-out saying. Anyhow, it’s up to the individual to decide which package they prefer. Both animals have their good sides and bad.

A cat leaving dead mice at your front doorstep as if it were a present from her to you and the dog who rummages through the garbage leaving a stinking pile on your kitchen floor are guilty just the same. Depending on what YOU want of a pet will decide which is the better choice and fit. For me, the loyalty, companionship, and interaction with a dog is more satisfying than the curious and often indifferent feline.

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