Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 56

I have had both, dogs and cats in my life. Let me assure you, these are two totally different animals!

Having to be honest from the start, I have to say that I am a “dog” person. The cats that I have owned were outside pets. my choice of dogs are the little white hairy ones.

There are a lot of people that are prone to allergies caused by shedding animals. The dogs that I have, do not shed at all ! Many cats do shed, unless they are the Sphinx or Peterbald variety. About 40% of cats carry B. henselae, or cat scratch fever at some time in their lives. I don’t know about you, but this would cause me to be concerned if I had small children in the house.

Then again, dogs are much more prone to getting worms than cats. Some of which, if not treated, could be passed on to humans.

I have to say that a dog is much more “there” with you.If you are feeling down and out, there’s your little “Fido” trying to make you happy. They need you to love them and in turn they have genuine love for you too.

A cat on the other hand really just wants his own needs met. Oh sure, a cat loves to have his back scratched from time to time. but that is “only” when they desire it !

Cats are moody! They only do what they want.

My husband and I really enjoy walking our dog. I Would really miss this activity, if I didn’t have a dog. Have you ever seen any one “walking their cat”? I haven’t, but would love to see this, it would be very interesting to say the least !

I’ve heard that you can teach a cat to do tricks but it is difficult to do so. I mean have you ever seen a cat fetch, walk on hind legs, get the ball, or even play dead?

You know, I seen a video on “youtube” where a cat actually uses the toilet ! I wouldn’t call this a “trick” it is much smarter than that ! For this accomplishment the “cat” gets an applause.

Then again, on youtube, I also seen where a dog retrieved a beer from its owners refrigerator, take it to its owner and even throw the old can in the trash! but, could this be in the catagory as a trick?

To sum it up these two animals are very dissimilar.

If you want an animal who will “love” you back, then it could be a dog that would be the ideal pet. But, one must realize a dog is much more “needy” too. Almost as much as a child!

If you want an independent animal that only desires to have “his” needs met. A cat could the pet for you. A cat doesn’t require as much “attention” as the dog.

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