Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 55

Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat?

It would have to be a toss up of the two I’d say a cat, but then

I’m biased since I’m a cat owner. There are different myths about raising

cats and dogs. To each your own discretion, which ever one you prefer, but

cats don’t need that much attention. At times they want to be around you,

but the majority they lay around, are content just to cozy up around you.

They are good companions, coming around when you are upset, they know they

put their tale on you like your their territory. I feel that cat’s would

be more pleasanter, more patient then having a dog. With a dog you’d have

to take them out for walks, you have to take more time with them. Then they

could be good company, I wouldn’t mind having a little dog either. I am a

pet lover at heart.

It wouldn’t matter to me which would make a better pet, because I adore

both of them. I would have a dog if I could, which eventually I will, but a

cat can be a good listener, a good stress relief while you pet it and talk

your problems out. Then you either put yourself to sleep or put the cat to

sleep, never done it, but you never know. When having a cat or cats you know

that they are there, especially when its time to eat. They let you know, its

almost like their human, they come around your feet. Then they are easy like

looking after a baby. Just think of having a baby, it almost feels like that,

when you’ve got cats around, your nurturing instinct come out. I find that cats

are good to have a round, but dogs can be just as good.

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