Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 54

Tough question as I happen to be the proud owner of a three year old Labrador bitch and six cats, four boys and two girls.

My cats are all house-cats, what with the current rise in the UK of cat’s being attacked by mindless youths and those with Staffordshire Bull Terrier. For their own safety and my own piece of mind I prefer to keep them indoors. Some may think this strange, but until you know the kind of neighborhoods in the UK, you cannot really understand. Some would also say that I am absolutely crazy to have six cats, it does sound like an infinite number if you are not used to them, but I, like most pet owners, have come to regard them as almost members of the family. Besides which, 3 belong to my now ex-boyfirend and I haven’t the heart to give them away, although they are still quite young. (Between six months and a year). It’s not the done thing to take on a pet, if later down the line you decide they don’t suit your lifestyle and give them up. You couldn’t do it with a child therefore you shouldn’t do it to a pet, is my opinion!

Having six cats, I have become accustomed to their erratic behaviours and eccentricisms. Especially as they are usually most active at night, and in the early days when they were kittens, it was like looking after young children. (I don’t have any of my own but have babysat for several nights in a row on more than one occasion).

I must say I have come to find my cat’s as very demanding of both time and affection. Some have commented to me that they think it easier to look after a cat as they don’t ask for anything or make much noise. Well I would like to point out this is not the case. Cat’s, like most creatures will communicate in their own way when they are unhappy, hungry or sick, much like children. Additionally, when young they require alot of attention to ensure they do not bite through cables, or injure themselves in play, or pick up small objects and swallow them. I know this from experience that cats are extremely curious and playful, and will defy anyone to get their own way.

Dogs on the other hand are not constantly demanding. A dog is happy providing it recieves plenty of exercise, is well fed, watered and played with (which I tend to do whilst walking mine). They are happy enough to sleep most of the time providing you have only one. To be fair, both species require cleanig up after them, although with cats and their litter trays it is more of a daunting and disgusting task.

Dogs are generally easier to house train than cats. Male cats, even when neutered have a tendency to continue middening/leaving their scent around the house, and with more than one, you are constantly cleaning up after and reprimanding them.

You may think the problem is that I have too many cats, but it was the same when I origianlly had two. Cats are prone to changes in their behaviour at the slightest change in their routine, whereas dogs tend to go with the flow alot more. Cats are constantly demanding of attention and will stop at nothing to get it, clawing at the wallpaper, carpets, leaving surprises around the house.

Whilst i love my cats dearly, it is so much easier having a dog. She has a set routine and is always happy providing she has her basic necessities and somewhere to sleep. She knows when not to get in the way, and adjusts to changes in my life far more easily than the cats ever would.

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