Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 53

A dog makes a better pet. I have had both dogs and cats. I am sorry kitties. But, as pets go, you are no competition for doggies. Dogs make better pets for a many reasons.

For one, dogs offer companionship. Cats are independent and are loners. Dogs live for their owners. They greet you every morning like you are the greatest thing since steak. Dogs want to be with their owners all the time. It is in their nature. Wild dogs live in packs. Domesticated dogs are no different. They still live in packs. The packs are just dominated by humans.

For a family with children, dogs make better pets. Kids love to hug animals. A dog that is good with children can be given a good love squeeze. Parents do not have to worry about claws and bites. Dogs that are good with kids are extremely patient. If the dog’s patience is tested, they will give the child a warning growl. Cats tend to warn by hissing and scratching simultaneously. Yes, one could get their cat declawed. I admit I did this horrible thing to my cat when my oldest child was three. The cat scratched my daughter near her eye. She gave him a hug that was a too much for him. However, the cat and my little girl were inseparable. The love was mutual, but my daughter just hugged him too hard. The cat lived to be seventeen. But, his paws were deformed because of the surgery.

Also, dogs have superior intelligence. This intelligence helps make them easy to train. Dogs can be taught not to be destructive in the home. They can be trained to do tricks. Training, when done properly, makes the owner happy and the dog happy. Dogs love to please their owner. This is in a dog’s nature. The dog sees his or her owner as the Alpha dog. Or in plainly, the dog’s leader. In the wild, dogs please the leader. If they do not, they risk alienation from the group. Then, the dog’s survival is endangered. Consequently, dogs are “wired” with the desire to please their owners. Dogs actually feel shame when they make their master angry.

Also, dogs can be trained to defecate outside. So, the mess is outside the house. I know some dogs are harder to housebreak than others. But, every dog can be housebroken. It may take a lot of work. But, it can be done. Cats have litter boxes. The litter gets tracked all around the litter box.

Next, dogs can help their owners stay healthy. Dogs love to be walked. Walking is healthy for the owners and great fun for the dog. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It gets you outdoors. So, you get your vitamin D. Gets your heart pumping and gives your lower body a good workout. I have heard of cats being leashed and taken for “a walk”. But, somehow I cannot believe it is much exercise for the owner.

Finally, dogs have personality. Now, I have had cats over my life time that have had personality too. But, those cats were the exception not the rule. Dogs can have an abundance of personality. They even seem to have a sense of humor. The Bichone Frise breed is said to enjoy playing tricks on their masters. I have a rescued Bichone Frise mix. He does play tricks on me. He smiles. But, just as he can smile he can get depressed. When some one leaves the house, his smile is gone. But, all he needs is a little extra love and his smile returns. How can you beat that? A dog smiling at you everyday. Pet owner heaven.

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